"SDC got hit real bad in the early stages of the war. Most of their facilities were hit within five years of the S'pher and more or less all of their suppliers in ten."


Sidrantha Defence Contractors (SDC), originally based off the inner world of Sidrantha, is the Imperium's primary energy weapons manufacturer- creating all laser, pulse, vehicle mounted Mass Driver artillery and other various energy weapons. It is also unique in being one of the only arms manufacturers that is primarily based out of alien worlds; being Sanpaari in nature. 

In the Fall of The Imperium, Sidrantha was hit hard. Pre-2654, Sidrantha was one of the main arms suppliers to the UCE military, with their energy weapons arming all of the inner and most mid-range worlds. In the immediate outbreak of war, almost all stockpiles of this advanced weaponry was sent to the front, and subsequently lost as the S'pher moved out into the other worlds. The war would devastate SDC's factories and raids by other alien factions would soon lose the rest of the surviving ones out of core Sanpaari territory. As of 2702, what remains of the SDC still supplies to the UCE, though at a severely reduced rate.

Manufactured ArmsEdit

  • Arc Bow
  • Shock Bow
  • Pulse Weaponry
  • Laser Weaponry
  • Artillery mounted Mass Drivers
  • Concussion/ Shock cannons
  • Point defence lasers (AA and ship based)
  • Energy Shield Technology

Other Notable AchievementsEdit

Mass Driver technologyEdit

Working with Irisi Armouries, railguns and coilguns were created as a joint venture to create an incredibly accurate sniper rifle system. Eventually, Irisi would be better suited to take advantage of this kind of weaponry, though SDC would be listed to continue making large cannons for terrestrial base, starship and both mobile and nonmobile artillery use.

EMP RoundsEdit

Experimenting on regular bullets also proved an interesting discovery that would keep regular ammunition in viable use well into the early 28th century; fusing an electromagnetic pulse to be carried by a regular bullet, effectively negating some energy shield types. These inventions were created as a gesture of goodwill towards humanity after First Contact, allowing the UNCE to be able to take the fight to the Thanatus.

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