"If the weapon is used by the UCE, chances are that it's made by the guys at Irisi."

-Anonymous UCE Marine


Set up shortly before the Exilion Wars, Irisi Armouries were set up on the world which they were named after and quickly became a staple arms supplier to the UNCE. Over the years, they would work closely with the NSMC and ISMC to create a new line of weapons though would become renowned for the M231 Rifle Series . However, they would become one of three main Projectile Weapons suppliers (Alongside Peacekeeper Technologies (PKT) and ISMC). Now, they supply only to the UCE, albeit at a greatly reduced rate due to the factories and worlds they used to being razed. 

Manufactured ArmsEdit

  • M231-Series Assault Rifle
  • C-Series Carbine
  • R65 DMR
  • S-Series SMG
  • M236 SAW
  • L6-Series LMG (Aside from PKL6)
  • H3-Series HMG
  • XM424 and XM424-II Miniguns
  • BF-CG Vehicle-Mounted HMG
  • RG-Series Railgun Sniper Rifles
  • R130 Sniper Rifle
  • XM50 Grenade Machine Gun
  • GR51 Grenade Launcher
  • US56 Underslung Grenade Launcher
  • IC-T Incendiary Weapons
  • SM Rocket Launchers

Other Notable AchievementsEdit

Irisi has pioneered several technologies that are becoming more and more common across the UCE. 

Coilgun and Railgun TechnologyEdit

Linear Cannons- originally made for large stationary emplacements like the one seen on Firebase Indigo- were created by Sidrantha Defence Contractors (SDC) with the intention of being mounted on vehicles in their smallest form. However, a joint effort between SDC and Irisi after the invention of the ISMC's Fission Battery made the possibility of handheld infantry railguns a reality. Mass Drivers were originally considered for all weapons, but budget constraints instead focused the research on one thing alone; keeping an accurate, highly damaging shot for hundreds or thousands or metres. The prototyping went through four phases of Coil Technology, before a focus was put on Rail Technology- to much better success. Within two iterations, the first combat deployment was sent in the form of the RG-N6 Railgun. The Mass Drivers were silent and accurate for nearly a kilometer, much better than all other Sniper Rifles employed at the time. Since then, the RG-N7 and RG-N7X have both taken precedence, with the 'X' variant using experimental gravity-altering technology captured from the S'pher.

Incendiary Adhesive and CompressionEdit

Another invention of the armoury was one of more dangerous nature. Rather than traditional aerosol flamethrowers, an adhesive napalm substance was created. The flamethrower would spray a sticky adhesive that would light on fire after a set amount of time determined by the user. This revolutionised warfare as a soldier could ensure a target was fully alight. The second advancement created an even deadlier weapon- a compressed ball of the adhesive that could act like a sticky grenade launcher. However, the weapon could only fire in an arc and could not fire in a 'spray' effect. On another note, the sticky clumps would explode after a time, spraying the adhesive out in a 25 metre radius.

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