"The Oh-so famous design continues to do its job nearly eight centuries after its intital creation. I'd say that's showing the type of thought you can only get from experience, not a bunch of white-coats sitting in a lab."

-CLA Private Szajowski, regarding the AK-93


Derived from one of the most used firearms throughout the late 20th and early 21st centuries, it would be only natural that an update would come in the form of the AK-93. Its main improvements over the older variant are lighter components and overall performance enhancements. It is perhaps the only firearm to surpass the M231-Series in usage and numbers created, as it's reliability on rugged frontier environments of worlds like Exilion and Tertusi would become a must-have for far-away militias like the CLA- its main users. It has an average magazine size of 40 rounds. It was introduced in 2093.


The AK-93 has seen numerous modifications throughout its long life, being up- and downgraded to effectively create its own brand of weapon. These weapons were mainly created by CLA forces in the Exilion wars, though only the main types are listed.

Submachine GunEdit

  • The AK-04-S was mainly a cut-down variant of the standard rifle, as well as being modfied for an increased ROF and larger magazine of 60 rounds.

Light Machine GunEdit

  • The R1P-3R was formed by taking the standard rifle and modfiying it to have a longer barrel. Alongside this, one modification was the addition of an ammunition box in replacement of a standard magazine.

Heavy Machine GunEdit

  • K1L-3R turrets were mounted on the CLA's vehicles, and consist of two R1P-3R's welded to the same firing mechanism, and holds four boxes of ammunition.

CLA Weaponry
Melee Weapons Combat Knife
Pistols HP-Series - AP2 Pistol
Submachine Guns AK-04-S
Carbines M489 Carbine
Assault Rifles/ Battle Rifles AK-93-U - M231-Series
Light Machine Guns R1P-3R
Heavy Machine Guns K1L-3R
Designated Marksman Rifles CLEX
Sniper Rifles AS4S